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The concept of nuclear security was born out of understanding that nuclear facilities and installations due to their critical importance should be dul...


"There has never been a greater need for education in the areas of disarmament and non-proliferation, especially with regard to weapons of mass destr...

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Sharon Squassoni

The recent PIR Center report, “Iran in the Regional and Global Perspective” offers a fresh twist on advice for negotiators as they continue to work on an agreement. As a compilation of articles by experts who met in Bangkok and Moscow in 2014 to explore the prerequisites of longer term solutions for...

The book “The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy” by David Hoffman is a true documentary thriller focusing on the most difficult period of the 20th century. The international situation at that time is described as teetering on the brink of a nuclear world ...

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"The imminent threat of nuclear proliferation and the heightened concern about the use of "weapons of mass destruction" (WMD) by non-state actors surely justify a fresh look at the global non-proliferation regimes as an urgent matter".

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