“The NPT is the foundation of our life. It is the most important contemporary international treaty. There is just no treaty more important than the NPT. We must fight for this treaty at all costs; we are doomed without it. We must talk more about the NPT so that everybody knows about it,” – Ambassador Roland Timerbaev, PIR Center Advisory Board Member, one of the negotiators of the NPT.

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Name: Chernavskih Vladislav
Position: Student, Ural Federal University, Russia
Biography :

Final year undergraduate student (International Relations), Department of Theory and History of International Relations, Ural Federal University, Russia. Assistant in the Center for Security and Non-Proliferation Research and Education, Ural Federal University. Alumnus of KAIST NEREC (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Education and Research Center) Summer Fellows Program 2017 (ROK). Participated in “Introduction to Nuclear Non-Proliferation” Workshop in St. Petersburg State University. Research interests: International security, nuclear non-proliferation, arms control and nuclear disarmament, North Korea, TPNW.