Dauren Aben, Artem Blashchanitsa, Alexander Cheban, Evgeny Buzhinsky, Dmitry Kovchegin, Vladimir Orlov

The study analyses lessons learned from the application of various international mechanisms to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and strengthen nuclear security. The study also outlines several proposals for improving the effectiveness of these mechanisms.

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The conflict in Syria has entered its third year. It is posing an increasingly serious threat to international security. Reports are coming in that chemical weapons may have been used on the battlefield. If these reports are true, the use of WMD is turning the Syrian conflict into a veritable war of...

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“International cooperation on the WMD nonproliferation is making first tentative steps in the Middle East. The theory of cooperation is being tested in practice by the project to destroy the Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles. The beginning of Syria's chemical disarmament has revitalized the idea of a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East, which appeared to be dead in the water”, – PIR Center expert Artem Blashchanitsa.

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Name: Blashchanitsa Artem V.
Affiliation: Department of Modern History and International Relations, Tyumen State University
Middle East
Nuclear disarmament
Biography :

Graduate of Tyumen State University. Specialist in International Relations. Lecturer and post-graduate student of the Chair for Modern History and International Relations of Tyumen State University since 2009. The topic of the thesis: “The issue of Jewish settlements in Palestine territories in Israeli-American relations (1967-1993)”. Lectured university courses: “History of International Relations and Russia’s Foreign Policy”, “Modern Conflicts and their settlement”, “International organizations and integration”, “NATO”. In 2009, was an intern of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Participated in the X International Summer School on Global Security of PIR Center in 2010, Winter Methodological Institute of International Relations-2011 (“Bogaturov’s school”) in 2011, three summer schools on nuclear nonproliferation organized by SIPRI and Swedish Radiation Safety Authority in Tomsk in 2008-2010, VII Annual Seminar of Tel-Aviv University on the Middle East in 2012. Research area: peace process in the Middle East, Israeli settlements issue, reduction of tactical nuclear weapons. PIR Center intern in February-May, 2013.