Yarovaya, Elena A. image
Name: Yarovaya, Elena A.
City: Moscow
Biography :

Assistent to PIR Center President in June-October 2013. Graduated from the Institute of foreign relations of National Nuclear Research University MEPHI in 2010, specialization – international scientific and technological cooperation, subject of graduation work is "Perspective technological platforms of nuclear energy". Undertook internship in the InformationDepartment of ITAR-TASS and the Department of New Challenges of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2011. Graduated from Moscow International Translator University in 2013, specialization – nuclear energy. In 2006-2011 took part in mass cultural event management under the umbrella of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”. In 2009 took part in coordination of the Russian House on the World Games in Taibei. (06/13)