• Affiliation : Master student at the Higher School of Economics
  • Affiliation : Executive Vice-President for Cooperation with Public Authorities, PJSC VimpelCom
  • Position : Consultant
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
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The new thematic issue of Security Index journal №1 (104) Spring 2013 (Russian edition) is out in print


2is.jpgMOSCOW, DECEMBER 19, 2012. PIR PRESS — “The issues related to information technologies and their impact on social processes both in national politics and in the system of international peace and security never before were analyzed in such detailed and comprehensive way. The range of opinions and estimates is extremely wide ranging from a kind of ‘cyber optimism’ hailing information and communication technologies almost as a panacea to solve key problems accumulated in the economy and the social sphere, to a much more pessimistic view, predicting the imminent death of the internet as we  form we know it today and its fragmentation into national segments and transformation into merely state controlled media outlet", - Chairman of the PIR Center Executive Board Mikhail Yakushev in his editorial in a thematic issue of Security Index journal.

The thematic issue of Security Index "Global Security in the Digital Age" was published as part of the PIR Center’s project "International Information Security and Global Internet Governance". For the first time of all Russian publications the issue embraces the whole spectrum of key issues in information and communication technologies in the context of international security. On the pages of thematic issue a number of crucial problems are highlighted including transformation of the global internet governance architecture, different regional approaches to the information/cyber security issue and struggle for its dominant understanding in the international arena; future prospects of digital diplomacy and the Cyrillic domain zone, as well as the future of ICTs in the military and commercial intelligence, and many other issues.

Read in the thematic issue of Security Index:

- The role of the social networks in the context of national security and international security - including the Arab Spring context – is analyzed by Oleg Demidov;

Mikhail Yakushev considers political and geopolitical role of the Internet in 2012, trying to define how transformation of the global net would affect the changing international political landscape and global agenda;

Galia Ibragimova conducts a comparative analysis of the Central Asian regional strategies in the sphere of international information security, dynamics of their change and development if compared among both regional and extra-regional actors;

Andrey Kolesnikov answers questions on the Cyrilic domain name zones, trends of development in the Russian segment of the internet as well as the future of global Internet governance;

Maxim Simonenko draws parallels between the nuclear weapons and cyber threats, suggesting to use the nuclear nonproliferation experience in order to prevent aggressive behavior in cyberspace on the case of Stuxnet malware;

Hamadoun Toure expresses his thoughts on cyber resilience and its role in providing secure digital communications world over and also in reducing transborder cyber threats;

Elena Zinovyeva compares American and Russian digital diplomacy policies offering ways for strengthening Russia’s foreign policy potential in cyberspace.

Full contents of Security Index №1 (104) can be accessed in Current Issue section. In addition, the journal’s page allows to explore some materials before they are published officially, to participate in discussions on analytical articles, commentaries and other materials published in the journal.

You can access both individual articles and full issues of Security Index journal and provide any additional feedback on our work in the section Feedback.

Subscription to the Russian edition of Security Index journal can be ordered via the following agencies and catalogues:

  • Newspapers.Magazines (Газеты. Журналы) of Rospechat agency

(Index: 80666);

PIR Center pays much attention to the problems of digital technologies in security context in the framework of its project "International Information Security and Global Internet Governance". On the 31 October 2012 with the support of the British Foreign&Commonwealth Office PIR Center held a seminar on "Information and Communication Technologies in the Context of International Security: Searching for Common Approaches". At the seminar the thematic issue of Security Index journal was presented to its participants.

For all information concerning PIR Center’s project "International Information Security and Global Internet Governance" please contact Project Coordinator Oleg Demidov by phone: +7-495- 987-19-15, fax: +7-495-987-19-14, or by e-mail: demidov at