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PIR Center strikes the balance of 2012 together with the Kommersant-Vlast magazine


ssdgsd_picture.jpgMOSCOW, JANUARY 18, 2012. PIR PRESS —  «For many years we were striking the balance of the foreign policy guided by our own observations. Now Vlast has decided to turn to a more precise instrument. Since May 2010, our colleagues from Kommersant Daily newspaper are publishing the International Security Index (iSi) calculated by the PIR Center. Now at the end of the year we will publish the annual dynamics of the index and explain how and why the world became more or less secure», - Kommersant-Vlast magazine.   

International Security Index (iSi) calculated by the PIR Center is an integrated index that reflects the security level of the people of the world. The basic value of this index presenting an ideal level of the international security equals 4210 points. In reality, due to wars, natural disasters and terroristic attacks this value is much lower. In 2011, iSi value stood at 3284 points, and in 2012 it equaled 3115 points. A new basic value determined for the 2013 and published in the final December issue of the influential Russian Kommersant-Vlast magazine is 3145 points, which means that the world has grown more secure and more stable in one year, although not that significantly. 

2ff013-01-18_1813.pngA slight growth of the annual value is related to the onset of civil society formation in the countries that lived through the Arab Spring. Egypt celebrated presidential elections won by the candidate of Muslim Brothers, Mohammed Mursi. In Libya, general elections were held, with the majority vote given to the liberals. These events resulted in certain stabilization of social and political life in the Middle East. Tension release and iSi growth also refer to the US presidential elections and to the victory of Barack Obama, as well as to the Si Tzinpin being elected as the new Secretary General of Chinese Communist Party.

2013-01-18_1815.pngInternational Security Index (iSi) has been calculated since 2006 (the methodology is available at PIR Center website). Every week the value of the index is  published at our website, circulated through the PIR PRESS NEWS electronic newsletter, and appears in Kommersant Daily newspaper. Quarterly values are published in the Security Index journal. Starting from 2012, Kommersant-Vlast will strike the year’s balance basing on the calculations of PIR Center.

International Expert Group, members of which comment on the weekly and monthly iSi values, consists of 19 experts from Russia, Argentina, Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Iran, South Africa, Sri-Lanka, Sweden, UAE, USA and Uzbekistan.

«The World that Chooses» article prepared jointly by PIR Center and Kommersant publishing house is available through the link (in Russian).

For all the questions concerning the International Security Index please contact Galiya Ibragimova by e-mail ibragimova at