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The new issue of the Security Index journal has been published


MOSCOW, JULY 11, 2013. PIR PRESS. – The new issue of the Security Index journal № 2 (105), Summer 2013 has been published.

The new issue of the Security Index journal to some extent is dedicated to the problem of the ideological and value deficiencies among political elites and the impact of the choice of these elites on the state of affairs in the international security sphere. Apart from the role of political elites in international relations, the authors turned their attention to the perspectives of international cooperation in nuclear security sphere, the development of energy sector in the Middle East, the problem of anti-missile defence in Russia-USA relations and other relevant issues.

Also in this publication:

  • Vladimir Shubin refers to a relevant problematic of BRICS in his article about the goals that the South Africa pursues being a participant of this international forum.
  • Estimates of the modern situation in the atomic and gas energy spheres in the Middle East and its impact of the world energy resources market could be found in the articles of Andrey Baklitskiy and Eldar Kasaev correspondingly.
  • The comment of Alexander Kolbin is dedicated to the problem of creating a Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zone (NWFZ) in the South-Eastern Asia and the Protocol to Bangkok Treaty signature.
  • Yurij Fedorov considers USA-Russia relations paying attention to the re-orientation of the US foreign policy towards Asia and also the processes taking place in the Middle East.
  • Dmitrij Evstafiev tells about the decrease in the number of instruments that make possible for the Western World to influence political and military developments happening outside of it and about a post-neo-colonial reality where a factor of power becomes more and more important.

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