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Russian world in a new dimensions of world politics


MOSCOW,  JULY 18, 2013, PIR PRESS. - ”At the moment the concept of the Russian World in new dimensions of world politics actively competes with other similar ideas. The image of the modern Russia in these dimensions is largely formed by this competition”, - Dmitry Polikanov, PIR Center Vice President.

The Russian world in new dimensions of world politics – this was the cross-cutting theme of the International Summer School of PIR Center in 2013. The introduction of new technologies in social life, global economic and political shocks, forming of new centers of power – on the one hand, all these factors throw new challenges, on the other hand, provide unprecedented opportunities. What positions will Russia and its neighbors take in this world, will they consider necessary to unite their efforts or prefer to act independently, do the countries of CIS need each other in the new global conditions? Will the Russian language remain not only the official language of the UN de jure, but also a tool for solution of global problems de facto?

The participants of the Summer School have many times faced these questions during the classes. The lecture of the president of PIR Center Vladimir Orlov was devoted to the priorities of the foreign policy of Russia; the participation of the countries of CIS in the world political processes was discussed with the members of the editorial board of the Security Index journal Dmitry Evstafiev and Yuri Fedorov, general challenges of security and perspectives of military cooperation were discussed with the secretary of the Council of ministers of defence of the CIS countries Alexander Sinaysky.

On July 6, 2013 PIR-Center Vice President Dmitry Polikanov held the round table on the theme of the School. The expert of the PIR Center shared his vision of the situation in the world: “At the moment the concept of Russian World in new dimensions of world politics actively competes with another similar ideas. The image of the modern Russia in these dimensions is largely formed by this competition”. While addressing to the participants, Dmitriy Polikanov mentioned: “Today Russia is the country of opportunities. If you want comfort life, then it will not be the best choice to stay here, but if you want to embody your creativity, then Russia is the right country”.

The round table ended the training program of the first week. In the evening in Abramtsevo, where the School took place, the meeting of the participants of the program, the graduates of educational projects, friends and partners of PIR Center took place. Around the fire in warm friendly atmosphere interesting, enthusiastic people, working in science, journalism, diplomatic sphere gathered together. The graduates told what they had done during the last year, also told about their plans on future. Because the meeting took place on the eve of Ivan Cupala day, the bravest graduates tried their hands in jumping over the fire.

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