• Affiliation : Prof., Acad., Russian Academy of Sciences, Academic Director, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Affiliation : Lieutenant General (retired)
  • Affiliation : Communications Director, Russdragmet
  • Position : Business Consultant on Information Security
  • Affiliation : Сisco Systems
  • Position : Professor
  • Affiliation : Department of Integrated Communications, The Higher School of Economics
  • Affiliation : Director General, Group-IB
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New members of PIR Center Executive and Advisory Boards


MOSCOW, JULY 18, 2014. PIR PRESS – «It is a great honor for me to become a member of PIR Center Executive Board. I have been cooperating with Vladimir Orlov and his colleagues for a long time. PIR Center is well known as one of the leading international analytical institutions, and I will apply all my efforts to contribute to the development of the organization», – professor of the Department of Integrated Communications at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics, PIR Center Executive Board Member Dr. Dmitry Evstafiev.

PIR Center Executive and Advisory Boards have undergone changes. Dr. Dmitry Evstafiev, political expert, professor of the Department of Integrated Communications at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics joined the PIR Center's highest authority – its Executive Board. Dr. Dmitry Evstafiev is a long-standing friend of PIR Center: he is a member of PIR Center Security Index Editorial Board, in 1995-2003 Mr. Evstafiev was PIR Center Senior Research Associate.

PIR Center Executive Board members Dr. Andrei Zagorski, Director of the Department of Disarmament and Conflicts Regulation at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Yury Ryzhov, President of International Engineering University (Moscow), and Mr. Dmitri Yakushkin, Communications Director for “Russdragmet” management company continue their collaboration with PIR Center as Advisory Board members.

PIR Center Advisory Board welcomes its new members: Mr. Alexey Lukatsky, Cisco Business Consultant on Information Security and Mr. Ilya Sachkov, CEO of Group-IB. Having invited the leading experts in cybersecurity and fighting cybercrime, PIR Center expresses its interest in extending the research in the field of cybersecurity and protection of critical infrastructure.

«Nowadays Russia lacks forum for the discussion of issues which are on the edge of geopolitics and international law. These points are now of high importance and often become stumbling blocks in the process of decision-making. In this situation PIR Center fills the gap – it brings together the experts capable to discuss urgent issues and look at them from the different angels as well as to send the message to the interested auditory», – said Alexey Lukatsky.

Participation in PIR Center Advisory Board of one of the major Russian Orientalists -  Dr. Vitaly Naumkin, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies under the Russian Academy of Sciences will certainly add wider regional angle to the research on the nonproliferation issues in the Middle East.  

Lieutenant-General Alexander Sinaysky, Secretary of the Council of Defence Ministers of the CIS has also joined PIR Center Advisory Board. This fact implies special interest of PIR Center to the development of international military cooperation, realization of scientific, informative and educational activity in the CIS countries.

PIR Center is pleased to welcome new members to its Advisory and Executive Boards. We are certain that the recommendations, experience, and knowledge of these experts will prove invaluable for development of the organization and contribute significantly to determining prospective directions for the Center’s research and educational work.

For more information on PIR Center Advisory Board and PIR Center Executive Board please visit our website.

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