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The iSi Index  - a comprehensive index of international security. Developed by the PIR Center through a project that has lasted for more than a year, it is now undergoing international review. The goal of iSi, an international security index, is to quantitatively express the dynamics of global proce...

During the winter and spring of 2006-07 the iSi index indicators varied widely, falling more than 100 points in December-January and only beginning to demonstrate a positive trend towards the summer of 2007. The PIR Center International Expert Group is observing Index dynamics attentively; its membe...

International Security Index iSi as of December 1, 2014 stands at 2773 points.


MOSCOW, DECEMBER 8, 2014. PIR PRESS – The value of International Security Index iSi as of December 1, 2014 stands at 2773 points.

International Security Index iSi as of December 1, 2014 reached 2773 points, which is 34 points lower than the previous month. Decrease of iSi is associated with activation of skirmishes between the army and militias in the south-east of Ukraine, continuing confrontation with the Islamists in Syria and Iraq, inability of Iran and the six international mediators to work out a final agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, the fall of oil prices to $ 70 per barrel.

On November 2, in the east of Ukraine in Donetsk and Lugansk regions  elections of heads and deputies of the legislative assembly were held; the EU and the United States did not recognize the legitimacy of the elections. On November 15, President Poroshenko signed a decree on economic blockade of Donetsk and Lugansk regions areas controlled by militias.  In the course of the month the battle for control of the airport in Donetsk continued between the army and militias, there were victims; some mines stopped working, there were problems with water and gas.

On November 20 in Kiev, the five parliamentary parties formed a ruling coalition.

On November 12 Azerbaijan shot down helicopter of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic on the line of contact that separates the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops.

In Syria, in November, the army regained control of the gas field on Ash-Shaer and Damascus-Baghdad highway; fighting with the Islamists continued in the cities of Hama and Cobáni.

In Iraq, the army strengthened its positions near the Baiji town’s refinery, previously captured by militants of the Islamic state.

The United States  Air Force and its allies in November launched over 30 strikes positions of the Islamists in Syria and Iraq.

In the West Bank of the Jordan River there were clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army.

In Egypt in mid-November, violent clashes broke out between Islamists and security forces.

Iran and the six international mediators failed to adopt a comprehensive agreement on Tehran's nuclear program to the deadline of November 24th, at the negotiations, which was launched on 18 November in Vienna,. The key reasons were the contradicting positions of the parties on the number of centrifuges permitted for the Iranians, as well as possible dates of lifting the sanctions from the country after the signing of the discussed agreement.

In Afghanistan, in the southern province of Helmand in late November fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan army broke out.

In Libya, the army launched a series of air strikes onpositions of extremists in Tripoli.

In Yemen, on November 9, a new government of technocrats was sworn in.

Terrorist attacks in November were committed in Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Tunisia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan-Indian border.

South Korea and the United States on November 7 began regular military exercises in the south of the Korean Peninsula, prompting criticism of North Korea.

Anti-government demonstrations in November took place in Hong Kong, India, Ivory Coast, Thailand, Prague, Belgium and Italy.

On 5 November, the Republicans won the mid-term elections to the USA Congress. In the American city of Ferguson, riots against the sentence of acquittal  to the policeman who had shot dead a teenager in August broke out.

In China, from November 5 to 11 the APEC Summit took place.

In Australia, November 15 at the Summit of G-20 the problems of the global economy, the crisis in Ukraine, and the Ebola virus in Africa were the key topics for discussion.

OPEC in late November decided not to cut oil production, which led to a drop in oil prices to 72 dollars per barrel.

In China and Japan on November 22 a a moderate earthquake occurred; there were victims.

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