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November 20, 2020

Russia’s negative image as a “cyber aggressor” makes it more difficult for it to suggest arguments on the peaceful use of information technology to the Americans. The search for a common denominator is complicated by the fact that Moscow and Washington have completely differ...

According to US President D. Trump, the document is "first fully articulated cyber strategy in 15 years".

The strategy describes how the Donald Trump administration will:

  • Defend the homeland by protecting networks, systems, functions, and data;
  • Promote American prosperity by nurturing a secure, thri...

Save the Date – international conference “Emerging Technologies and Global Security: an Agenda for the 21st Century”


MOSCOW, JUNE 8, 2016. PIR PRESS — PIR Center and the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry will hold an international conference “Emerging Technologies and Global Security: an Agenda for the 21st Century”. The Conference will take place in Moscow on September 29, 2016.

The rapid development and increasingly common use of information and communications, aerospace, and nuclear technologies create new opportunities to solve social and economic problems, expanding access to energy, information and knowledge. At the same time, the use of emerging technologies for destructive purposes leads to an exacerbation of old threats, as well as to the emergence of new ones. The creation of new types of weapons that are regulated neither by bilateral nor by multilateral agreements could trigger a new arms race.

Throughout the course of the conference, expert and political communities and the private sector will have the opportunity to join efforts to come up with the optimal balance between the opportunities and risks of the use of emerging technologies and develop new approaches towards their impact on global security.

The conference will cover the following issues:

— Global security and international law within the spheres of an emerging technological and political reality.

— Challenges to international law: traditional and new tools of regulation.

— Prospects for international cooperation in nuclear energy, nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear security.

— The role of the government and private sector in the protection of critical infrastructures from global cyber threats.

— Prevention of the placement of weapons in outer space, the threat or use of force against outer space objects — from words to deeds.

— Lethal autonomous weapon systems — myth or real, possibilities and threats — political and legal issues.

PIR Center and the Diplomatic Academy will bring together more than 100 Russian and foreign experts, representing different professional communities and ready to work together on broadening opportunities and reducing the risks of using emerging technologies in ensuring global security. Participants of the PIR Center’s International School on Global Security and students of the Dual Degree Program in Nonproliferation Studies will also take part in the conference. Members of the PIR Center Advisory Board and PIR Center alumni are invited to the conference.

The Conference is organized with the support of the A. M. Gorchakov Foundation for Public Diplomacy, in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross's Moscow delegation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Trialogue Club International and other Russian and foreign companies, think tanks and organizations.

Additional information on the conference program and partnership options is available at the PIR Center website.

For all questions concerning the International Conference “Emerging Technologies and Global Security: an Agenda for the 21st Century”, please contact Director of PIR Center's Program Andrey Baklitskiy via phone at +7 (499) 940 09 83 or via email at baklitsky at