• Position : Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Affiliation : Russian Foreign Ministry
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Sergey Ryabkov gave a keynote speech at the Trialogue Club International meeting


MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 1, 2017. PIR PRESS  “We will continue our close cooperation, and we consider it very useful for us, and we hope that this is going to be useful for the PIR community in general” - Sergei A. Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

On January 31 the first meeting of 2017 of the Trialogue Club International took place. The topic was “Russia-United States relations and the future of global security”. Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation gave the keynote speech.

Among the participants of the meeting were diplomats from Germany, India, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia, Romania, the Philippines, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan as well as representatives of NATO Information Office in Moscow, IMEMO RAS, ICANN, International Committee of the Red Cross, “TENEX”, Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, the Centre for strategic research, Financial Times Moscow bureau, the Kommersant Publishing House and other experts. Albert Zulkharneev, Director of PIR Center, moderated the meeting.

Sergei Ryabkov presented his view on the dynamic of Russian-American relations during the period of Barack Obama’s presidency, and considered, as a first approximation, what kind of direction of the dialogue and cooperation with Donald Trump’s administration could be positive.

Answering the questions from the participants Sergei Ryabkov described the principles of Russia’s approach to dialogue with United States concerning the strategic stability, arms control, non-proliferation and cybersecurity. The diplomat presented his view on the course of situation with the Iranian nuclear program and the outlines of the possible solution of the Korean Peninsula’s nuclear issue.

The meeting proceeded in accordance with the Chatham House rules. On the sidelines of the event Sergey Ryabkov gave an interview to Security Index, which will be released in the next edition. 

Sergei Ryabkov also mentioned the traditional cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and PIR Center: “We will continue our close cooperation, and we consider it very useful for us, and we hope that this is going to be useful for the PIR community in general: the PIR Center, the Trialogue club, the Summer School. The Summer School is a significant event which is highly important for young students and younger scholars. Also, we’re going to cooperate in the format of your journal. So, we will work together on all the scope of your activities. I believe that this kind of relationship is of a key significance for international security and for our country’s position in the world”.

In the introduction Deputy Minister paid special attention to initiatives I the sphere of education in non-proliferation issues: “I would like to say that the Minister for Foreign Affairs really appreciates the very important work together with MGIMO, Middlebury Institute, and the PIR Center’s Master’s programme in non-proliferation, and this is the first time such a programme has been introduced as there is a real demand for such experts. We have a lack of people who are really knowledgeable in this field, and also, we should think about the new generation of experts coming. This is a format which is working, it’s quite positive. Also, I know there are discussions going on in St. Petersburg regarding creating such a programme on non-proliferation, or an even broader programme of arms control and the Minister for Foreign Affairs is following the situation and is following such initiatives.”

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