• Position : Advisor to the Head of the Executive Committee
  • Affiliation : All-Russia People's Front
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Open Collar with Dmitry Polikanov


MOSCOW. SEPTEMBER 10, 2020. PIR PRESS. “International security is a game where in the end everything depends on people,” – Dmitry Polikanov, Advisor to the Head of the Executive Committee of All-Russia People's Front, Member of the PIR Center Executive Board.

EDITORIAL: The PIR Center is a large and friendly family that unites people of different ages and generations who, at different stages of the PIR Center's activities, have contributed to its development and formation.

Today we will talk about one of these members of our family and a truly many-sided person – Dmitry Polikanov – a public and political figure, PhD in Political Science, whose incomplete track record includes such socially significant positions as public relations adviser to the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Russia (2002-2003), President of the Deaf-Blind Support Foundation "Con-nection" (2014-2020), top manager of the executive committees of the United Russia and the All-Russia People's Front...

Dmitry Polikanov has 22 years of close friendship with the PIR Center. He enthusiastically told us about his great life and work experience: about work at the PIR Center, scientific activity, travels, the subjective factor in international relations, and why sometimes poverty cannot be eliminated by giving out money.

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