• Position : Head of the Direction of Expertise, Analysis and National purposes realization control services
  • Affiliation : All-Russian People’s Front
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PIR Center Executive Board Meeting

MOSCOW, DECEMBER 22, 2020. PIR PRESS. On December 15, a regular meeting of the PIR Center Executive Board, its governing body, took place.

On December 15, the 26th annual meeting of the PIR Center Executive Board, its governing body, took place.

The meeting was attended by members of the Executive Board: Chairman of the PIR Center Executive Board Lieutenant General Evgeny Buzhinsky, Director of the PIR Center Program on New Technologies and International Security Vadim Kozyulin, Colonel General (retired) Evgeny Maslin, PIR Center founder and director Vladimir Orlov, Adviser to the Head of the All-Russia People's Front Executive Committee Dmitry Polikanov, Head of the Department of Expert and Analytical Work, Monitoring the Implementation of Priority Decisions and National Projects of the All-Russia People's Front Executive Committee Lyubov Soldatkina, Head of the Group for Researching Peace and Conflicts at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations Ekaterina Stepanova, special correspondent of the foreign policy department at Kommersant daily newspaper Elena Chernenko. Dmitry Evstafiev, Professor of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, and Gleb Efremov, General Director of JSC IUEC participated in the Executive Board meeting as special guests.

During the meeting of the PIR Center Executive Board, the results of the organization's activities in 2019 were summed up, as well as the main directions of the organization's activities for 2020-2021 were presented.

“There are old-timers in the Executive Board who have been with us since our foundation in 1994. There are also new faces, which, of course, is pleasing. Tradition and renewal is the only way we will prevent ourselves from stagnation. On this occasion, I welcome Lyubov Soldatkina as a new member of the Executive Board, who worked at PIR Center in 2009-2010 and since then has made an impressive professional breakthrough. I am counting on her experience, ideas and creativity,” PIR Center founder Vladimir Orlov said. I am glad to see the majority of the members and guests of the Executive Board at the meeting in a cheerful mood and in a fully face-to-face format. I am grateful to those members of the Executive Board who, despite coronas and quarantines, have joined us online. I am grateful to my predecessor Albert Zulkharneev, who has applied lots of efforts to our organization, and now he helps a lot in its development as a consultant to the PIR Center.”

Vladimir Orlov voiced the main conclusion that was made following the results of the Executive Board, “Program design and development work is on the rise. Good job well done in this odd year, no allowances for its oddities. We are finalizing this year worthily. Let's enter the new year dynamically.”