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On November 27, the second Timerbaev Debate took place online as part of the Dual Degree Master's Program in Nonproliferation Studies (Moscow State Institute of International Relations – Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey – PIR Center).


 “Years of experience tell us that a solid and unbiased understanding of the history of nonproliferation efforts can help to identify and outline the prospects for further strengthening the nuclear nonproliferation regime, with the possibility of reducing the size and ultimately eliminating nuclear arsenals altogether. We are just beginning to understand and comprehend our nuclear past, and many more questions about nuclear history must be adequately answered before we can imagine the shape of our nuclear future”, - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Member of PIR Center Advisory Board, professor Roland M. Timerbaev (1927-2019).



On April 30, PIR Center turns 26. We decided to celebrate this holiday by publishing an essay of the person was directly involved in the foundation and development of the PIR Center. The person who went to a better world during the previous year.

Today we call your attention to the last paper of Ambassador Timerbaev in Russian


Amb. Roland Timerbaev – a luminary in the field of nonproliferation, an undisputed authority, a great teacher and mentor – has passed away.


“The NPT is the foundation of our life. It is the most important contemporary international treaty. There is just no treaty more important than the NPT. We must fight for this treaty at all costs; we are doomed without it. We must talk more about the NPT so that everybody knows about it,” – Ambassador Roland Timerbaev, PIR Center Advisory Board Member, one of the negotiators of the NPT.


“In the Universe there is a certain order of its existence, we are part of the universe, and we swung to an atom and decided to create a weapon, that could be a way of destroying the present mankind. I do not know if I understood this in 1995, but now and for a long time I am convinced that this is one of the ways of the extinction of mankind, and it can happen. Every day, it is necessary to think about how to avoid the annihilation of mankind” - Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Roland Timberbaev, member of the PIR Center Advisory Board.


«It is absolutely necessary to reduce nuclear arms, because it will never be used. And it is not important how much, the crucial thing is to continue reducing on 500, 300, or 200, to keep the process going. I would also like to see our leaders saying that we need to move towards total ban, and all efforts along this way are welcomed — even without mentioning the Nuclear Ban Treaty — any activity in the spirit of the sixth article of the NPT is useful”, — Roland Timerbaev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, member of PIR Center Advisory Board.


“Carl von Clausewitz once wrote that ‘the greatest mistake people make is fearing the troubles of today more than those of tomorrow.” This means but one thing: we must learn to pre-empt threats emanating form emerging military technologies and new types of weapons through timely political and legal measures. Otherwise we might find ourselves once again spiraling into long and exhausting arms race and severe crises and conflicts.” — Lieutenant-General Gennady Evstafiev. 


PIR Center’s team congratulates employees and veterans of the Russian Foreign Ministry on professional holiday, thanks them for cooperation, wishes sound health, success and all the best.


On October 4, 2014, PIR Center will announce honorary awards for strengthening the WMD nonproliferation regime. We invite our colleagues from across the world to propose candidates for the nominations until September 20.