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Working Group on the prospects of Russian participation in international cooperation in the field of nonproliferation and nuclear security has been established under PIR Center Advisory Board.


“Despite reduction of the financial aid received in the framework of Global Partnership Russian involvement in the program and the interest in participation remain high. Russia gradually starts join the realization of various projects in the third countries. Even though it is not ready to deliver large financial aid, the volume of expert assistance is significant. Russian specialists who gathered great experience in disposal of the WMD are able to present vital help in implementation of respective projects in other countries” – Alexander Cheban, Security Index journal representative in Odessa.


“Program of Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction (GP) and International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) have potential to support effectively such traditional mechanisms of nuclear proliferation prevention as NPT regime, IAEA safeguards, Security Council sanctions. Participation in GP and ISTC corresponds to Russian interests because this contributes to strengthening its prestige on international arena as proponent of nonproliferation regime” – Alexander Cheban, PIR Center intern.


«The Nuclear Tipping Point documentary gave a good overall impression of weariness the international community experiences due to the presence of nuclear weapons. Economic interdependence and the specificity of modern warfare will allow large states to effectively avoid major clashes and maintain relative stability even after the nuclear weapons renunciation. But there is also a difficult question: what happens if a single state starts a military nuclear program in a nuclear weapons-free world?» – Alexander Cheban, graduate of the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University.