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«The outcome of the contradiction or dualism in the incoming Trump administration between, on the one hand, the realists who want a better relationship with Russia and a prioritization of the struggle against terrorism, and on the other, the rightwing hawks who want to push back against Iran and China», – Dayan Jayatilleka (Sri Lanka), member of PIR Center International Expert Group, expert and diplomat.  


“In 2016, public opinion will have to strike a balance between democracy and security. As the demands placed on great powers to counter threats continue to grow, overall cohesion is weakened and the current situation worsens. If terrorist groups decide to use weapons of mass destruction, the negative repercussions will be felt across the globe. The threat increases as great powers engage in heavy military build-up” – Sergio Duarte, member of the International Expert Group of PIR Center.


We wish you a Holiday Season that is peaceful, restful, rejuvenating and filled with everything that you could wish for. May peace, love and prosperity abound in your lives in 2016!


“I’m glad to pass the baton to a new team today, the team who made this issue and is already preparing the next one.  A part of this team grew up within the PIR Center’s walls, and another is entirely new. At the head of this team stands Olga Mostinskaya – the new Editor-in-Chief of Security Index, whom I present with pleasure to our readers today, and to whom I wish creative motivation and insightful dialogue with our wonderful authors and demanding (which is great!) readers.” – Member of the Security Index Editorial Board Vladimir Orlov.


The latest issue of the Security Index journal is partly devoted to the development of the global nuclear energy sector and nuclear infrastructure. Against the backdrop of the oil-and-gas needle and amid the continued devaluation of the Russian currency, the Russian nuclear energy sector seems to offer what may well be the only tangible, comprehensive, and carefully thought-out answer to economic upheavals. This particular branch of the Russian high-tech sector is not a prototype but a working engine.


Best wishes of success and happiness in the New Year. PIR Center takes this opportunity to express our gratitude for your devotion and interest and extend our heartfelt greetings for the season. We wish you a wonderful year ahead and hope that 2015 brings you joy, good health and prosperity.


“Syria was the litmus test, the moment of truth. The Americans have played a wicked trick in Iraq. They then repeated it in Libya. And they were not allowed to pull off another such stunt in the Middle East. And who has stopped them? Russia has finally found its strength, and its mission: to stand in the way of utter chaos in the Middle East, and to prevent a complete collapse of the principles of international law on a global scale,” – Editor-in-Chief of the Security Index journal Vladimir Orlov.


Best wishes for the success and happiness in the New Year. PIR Center takes this opportunity to express our gratitude for your devotion and interest and extend our heartfelt greetings for the season. We wish you a wonderful year ahead and hope that this year brings you joy, good health and prosperity.


«For many years we were striking the balance of the foreign policy guided by our own observations. Now Vlast has decided to turn to a more precise instrument. Since May 2010, our colleagues from Kommersant Daily newspaper are publishing the International Security Index (iSi) calculated by the PIR Center. Now at the end of the year we will publish the annual dynamics of the index and explain how and why the world became more or less secure», - Kommersant-Vlast magazine.  


“The issues related to information technologies and their impact on social processes both in national politics and in the system of international peace and security never before were analyzed in such detailed and comprehensive way. The range of opinions and estimates is extremely wide ranging from a kind of ‘cyber optimism’ hailing information and communication technologies almost as a panacea to solve key problems accumulated in the economy and the social sphere, to a much more pessimistic view, predicting the imminent death of the internet as we  form we know it today and its fragmentation into national segments and transformation into merely state controlled media outlet", - Chairman of the PIR Center Executive Board Mikhail Yakushev in his editorial in a thematic issue of Security Index journal.