RF President approves the Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation.



On June 25, at 20:00 in Zvenigorod (Moscow region), as part of the Maslin Fest, the PIR Community is holding the First Charity Auction in support of the PIR Center Education & Training Program. Among the lots on display: unique materials from the 1990s, bibliographic and research rarities from our storerooms, books and magazines with autographs of the authors. To participate in the auction, it is enough to register for the Maslin Fest.


On June 22, 2022, the XXI International School on Global Security for young professionals from Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was visited by Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia. He noticed the fundamental theses of the Russian foreign policy doctrine and assessed the current situation of the Russian Federation on the world stage and prospects for the development of relations with partners.


In an Vladimir Orlov's interview, director of PIR Center, with Jorge Ferrer, a journalist of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the issues of the risks of using nuclear weapons against the background of the Ukrainian conflict are touched upon. We also talked about how the Chekhov's gun differs from nuclear weapons, whether Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, whether European children can sleep peacefully now, American or Russian nuclear weapons pose a great danger to global security, whether there is reason for optimism today and which race will replace the current unwise human race.


On June 19, the official opening of the XXI International School on Global Security took place. The director of PIR Center Vladimir Orlov and the coordinator of Education & Training Program of the PIR Center Elena Karnaukhova addressed the students of the School with a welcoming speech. He stressed the importance of holding face-to-face scientific and educational events and suggested to forget about "zooms" for a while, and tune in to active, live communication. The participants of the School will have an exciting 9 days full of discussions on pressing issues of global security.

The Evstafiev series


This is a series of research and analytical publications written by young, aspiring authors (primarily, MA graduates and post-graduates) from Russia and around the globe in the area of global security. For many, this is their first or one of the first peer-reviewed publications. All drafts are subjects to external evaluation by a panel at expert-level or educational seminars by PIR Center or in similar formats. Only drafts accepted by the expert panel are submitted for peer review and, if positive, for publication in the Series.

Annually, on November 15, The Evstafiev Series Selection Committee announces its decision on the Evstafiev Award.

Gennady Mikhailovich Evstafiev (1938 - 2013) is an outstanding Soviet and Russian WMD nonproliferation and global security expert. He devoted the last ten years of his life to PIR Center, where he worked as a Senior Advisor and Senior Vice President. Gennady Evstafiev paid special attention to the progress in creativity and analytical skills of young generation, considering this to be PIR Center’s – and his own - most important mission.

The Gennady Evstafiev Award was established in 2021. The Award  winners list:

● Sergey Semenov (2021).