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The recent PIR Center report, “Iran in the Regional and Global Perspective” offers a fresh twist on advice for negotiators as they continue to work on an agreement. As a compilation of articles by experts who met in Bangkok and Moscow in 2014 to explore the prerequisites of longer term solutions for...

The book “The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy” by David Hoffman is a true documentary thriller focusing on the most difficult period of the 20th century. The international situation at that time is described as teetering on the brink of a nuclear world ...

In his monograph “Post-Imperium: a Eurasian Story”, a reputable Russian analyst and Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center Dmitry Trenin argues that the Soviet Union collapsed largely because Russia itself had grown tired of its imperial status and lost its imperial momentum. The book goes beyond fo...

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2001, №20, Yaderny Kontrol

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Issue: №20

Yaderny Kontrol

NO. 4 (20), Fall 2001



Georgy Mamedov. To the Readers

Dmitry Rogozin. To the Readers

Vladislav Sherstyuk. To the Readers


Information Security and International Politics

New Security Challenges in the Information Age

Crime and Information

Information Security in Business

Security of Open Information Systems

Information and Psychological Security

Cyber Weapons as New Means of Combat

Cyber Weapons - A Product of New Information Technologies

Classification of Cyber Weapons

Combat Use of Cyber Weapons

Information Rivalry - Invisible War in Times of Peace

Key Areas of Cyber Warfare

Combating Command and Control Systems

Intelligence-Based Operations (Digital Battlefield)

Electronic Warfare

Psychological Warfare

Hacker Warfare

Cyber Warfare

Economic Information Warfare

Information Warfare and International Cyber Terrorism

Russia in Information Rivalry

International Information Security and Negotiations

International Law and Cyber Wars

The Rules of Armed Conflict and the Cyber Warfare

International Legal Limitations on Cyber Weapons

Positions on Information Security Issues at the International Level



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