South African President F. De Klerk ends development of nuclear weapons and eliminates available nuclear devices.
The Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency enters into force.
The USSR resumes nuclear tests, citing a lack of action on its initiatives by other nuclear weapons states, primarily the U.S.
The USSR decides to create thermonuclear weapons.

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“As a journalist I know well how much more open and straight forward officials are when in an off the record modus. The upcoming discussions within the Trialogue Club International format in 2020 will give us all – so I hope – the possibility to better and deeper understand Russia’s foreign and security policy, to ask frank questions and get sincere answers”, - Dr. Elena V. Chernenko, Co-Chair, Trialogue Club International, PIR Center Executive Board member, Deputy Foreign Editor, Kommersant Daily.




“The program is tailored to people with a very specific interest in nuclear issues. Getting to work with people who had been very active in the field of nonproliferation, both on the Russian and American side, is an opportunity few students get”, Dual Degree Master`s Program student Collin MacDowell.


"Strategic stability in its classical sense – understood as a state of US- Russian relations under which neither side has incentives to launch a first nuclear strike – was developed during the Cold War", - a consultant at PIR Center Andrey Baklitskiy

This paper has been produced for the joint PIR Center – CSIS project “Reducing nuclear risks during Great Powers Competition”. We thank our partners in CSIS for their cooperation and support for this publication

The 20th Anniversary of the Trialogue Club International (1993-2013)

Dear Members of the Trialogue Club International,

In 2013 the Trialogue Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary!

The Trialogue Club is a unique community of leading diplomats, experts, businessmen. Club members attended 5 Clubmeetings with leading Russian and foreign experts on international security, received issues of the Security Index journal, 12 issues of the Russia Confidential analytical bullitin and  invitations to all PIR Center’s events as well as several pleasant surprises for our permanent members.

Looking forward to welcome you at the next Club meetings!


Dr. Dmitry V. Polikanov

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