Yudin, Yuri A. image
Name: Yudin, Yuri A.
City: Vienna
Affiliation: Safeguard Analyst, Department of Safeguards, IAEA
Nuclear safety
Nuclear fuel cycle
Biography :

He graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute as a nuclear physicist and holds a PhD in nuclear engineering. He is also Director of a Russian NGO, the Analytical Centre for Nonproliferation. Previously he was Senior Researcher at UNIDIR and manager of the Multilateral Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle project and Senior Researcher at RFNC–VNIIEF, the Russian Federal Nuclear Centre—All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics. January 2010 - March 2012 - consultant, member of Centre Russe d'etudes politiques. He has special expertise in nuclear engineering, nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament. He has authored a number of books and articles in Russian and English.