“International School of the PIR Center is a unique format with its own traditions. I sincerely wish it further development and introduction of new innovative and scientific formats. The main thing is to invest in the future generations” — Adlan Margoyev, International Relations student at MGIMO University.

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Zakharova, Maria V. image
Name: Zakharova, Maria V.
City: Moscow
Affiliation: Information and Press department, the Minisrty of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Position: Director
Biography :

Candidate of historical sciences. Holds the diplomatic rank of minister-counselor. In 1998 graduated from the Foreign Ministry’s MGIMO international information department with a degree in international journalism and oriental studies. In 1998-2005 worked in the Foreign Ministry. Was an editor of the Diplomatichesky Vestnik monthly. She was also responsible for monitoring at the Information and Press Department. In 2005-2008 headed the press service of Russia’s permanent mission to the United Nations in New York. In 2008−2011 held various positions in the Foreign Ministry’s central office. In 2011 was appointed deputy director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian MFA, in 2015 headed the department.