"In case of conventional armed conflicts it is much easier to determine who the warring parties are – you can go to the battle field and see. When fighting involves computer technologies it’s not always possible to identify the source of the attack, the offenders, let alone to understand whether the authorities of the state from which it originated, are involved and to which extent", − Maria Gavrilova, legal advisor at the regional delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Russia, Belarus and Moldova.


“China as a leader in Internet development and related innovations formed the main leitmotif of the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. The country is heavily involved in Internet usage and related innovations to forward economic growth and find solutions for social issues, but, in my opinion, there is a risk of developing the next big bubble.” – Mikhail Medrish, director of the Fund for the support of Internet development “Fund for Internet support”


 “On the threshold of the era of “the Internet of Everything”, in which privacy in cyberspace as we know it may disappear or become a premium service and millions of new networked devices will become vulnerable to hacking, society will have to answer some serious questions about the value and cost of users’ data privacy,” – Alexandra Kulikova, PIR Center Program Coordinator “Global Internet Management and International Information Security”. 

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Streltsov, Anatoly A. image
Name: Streltsov, Anatoly A.
City: Moscow
Affiliation: Information Security Institute, Moscow State University
Position: Deputy director
Biography :

Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Juridical Science, professor. Honoured Science Worker of Russian Federation. Holds the Civil Service rank of state councillor 3rd class. Colonel (retired). In 1969 graduated from Mikhail Kalinin Military Artillery Academy. In 1969-1994 served in different positions in the Ministry of Defence of the USSR (Russia).   In 1994-2011 worked at Russian Security Council's central office, headed the Department of information and information technology security. Member of the Russian delegation at negotiations on information security in the US, Brasil, China and other countries. Wrote 160+ scientific papers, several studies on Russian and international information security.