“Vienna document is a good example of a politically binding agreement having a verification mechanism. This system works, however, as long as it is a multilateral arrangement reached within the framework of OSCE. Bilateral political documents concerning arms control function quite ineffectively”, – PIR Center Board Chairman Evgeny Buzhinskiy. 

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Pshakin, Gennadiy M. image
Name: Pshakin, Gennadiy M.
City: Obninsk
Affiliation: A.I. Leipunski Institute of Physics and Power Engineering
Position: Senior researcher
Biography :

PhD in nuclear technology (1980). Graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University (1965). In 1965-1985 was a nuclear engineer in the area of Fast Breeder Reactors’ nuclear safety, Institute of Physics and Power Engineering. Participated in BOR-60, BN-350 and BN-600 reactors starting as a physicist. In 1985-1993 was an IAEA safeguards inspector. In 1994-2003 – was invited as a country expert to participate in UNSCOM / UNMOVIC (IAEA Action Team-687) inspections in Iraq. Fellow member of Institute of Nuclear Materials Management since 2008. President of the Obninsk Regional Chapter of INMM. Senior researcher at IPPE. Director of Noncommercial Organization “Analytical Center on Nonproliferation”. The member of Russian Nuclear Society.