• Position : President
  • Affiliation : Center on Global Interests
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Nikolai Zlobin joined the International Expert Group of PIR Center


MOSCOW, FEBRUARY 27, 2014. PIR PRESS - Nikolai Zlobin, President of the Center on Global Interests in Washington joined the International Expert Group of PIR Center.

In winter 2013 Nikolai Zlobin (USA), President of the Center on Global Interests became a new member of International Expert Group (INTEG) of PIR Center.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Zlobin among the members of INTEG of PIR Center. Dr. Zlobin is an American and Russian political scientist, historian and publicist. The expert is an author of numerous books and articles on politics, history, US-Russian relations, which have been published in such editions as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune and Chicago Tribune. Since 2004 Dr. Zlobin has been a permanent member of the Valdai International Discussion Club. Since 2008 he has become a permanent member of the Global Policy Forum in Yaroslavl, Russia.

Dr. Zlobin joined INTEG in December 2013 and contributed to the activity of the group. In January 2014 the expert made his first comment for PIR Center. It was published, among others, in a leading Russian analytical journal Kommersant-Vlast. In the article the expert presented his forecast of the most important events and trends in the USA which are going to impact the international security. In particular, he noted: “In 2014 a big challenge for the USA will be a need to restructure relations with allies. An alliance that has existed for decade now is not in the best shape. Relations between Washington and its allies are not able to fully provide the solution to all problems in the field of security. On whether the USA, NATO, Europe and their allies could set security network led by America will depend the security in the United States and in the world during the year”.

The iSi Index is calculated weekly and monthly. A weekly iSi value is published on Tuesdays inKommersant Dailyaccompanied by brief comments explaining Index fluctuations. Results of the monthly iSi calculations are published on the first working day of each month at the PIR Center website Since 2006, the Index iSicalculations are published in Security Index journal of PIR Center. From the 2012 annual values of iSi are published in Kommersant-Vlast journal. The detailed methodology of Index iSi calculating can be found at PIR Center’s website.

INTEG analysis helps to understand the root causes that provoked conflicts, unrests or revolutions in different countries, to predict further development of the situation in various regions of the world. Expert estimates do not affect the values of Index iSi, nevertheless, they help to trace how the data points for a particular month and iSi dynamics in different regions of the world are perceived.

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