Statement of PIR Center’s Founder & CEO from March 18, 2020 in the Times of Covid-19 Pandemic


MARCH 18, 2020  Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) poses a real threat to public safety and well-being. Europe has become the epicenter of the outbreak. The situation in Europe is getting worse by every hour. Although the situation in Russia is yet relatively safe, the fact that the pandemic is raging along the perimeter of Russia’s borders cannot be ignored. Risks for Russia are increasing.

We as the representatives of the international sphere, by definition are put in a more vulnerable situation due to our frequent movements around the world, and, consequently, are in a high-risk group.

It is of utter importance now to protect your own and your closed ones’ health (especially health of elderly relatives), keep calm, and be guided by common sense.

Since March 18, all PIR Center and our partner organizations employees have been advised to switch to the home (remote/distance) mode of work and minimize movements around the city, especially by public transport.

Workflow at PIR Center is not interrupted. It is temporarily transformed.

All employees of our organization, both administrative and research, are available during the working hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. via e-mails and mobile phones (including WhatsApp), as well as office phone numbers of PIR Center +7 (495) 987 1915; +7 (499) 940 0983 and the Trialogue Club International +7 (985) 764 9896. The requirement for staying reachable on WhatsApp during business hours has become stricter: from a general recommendation to a requirement, since March 18 we switched to communication via WhatsApp as a must for remote work that applies to regular employees, non-staff employees, civil contract staff and consultants.

PIR Center’s accounting office continues to provide uninterrupted processing and effecting approved payments.

The coordination of the remote work process is carried out by the Director of the PIR Center Educational Program Yulia Sych.

All public events of PIR Center and our partners in March are cancelled. All international business trips of employees from now on are prohibited. Employees who are on business trips as of March 18 must self-quarantine for two weeks after returning.

We are acting and will act in strict accordance with the Russian law and regulatory documents, in particular, decrees of the Mayor of Moscow, since the headquarters of our organization is located in Moscow.

These measures are imposed until March 30 inclusive with a possibility of further extension, which I will inform about additionally, depending on the dynamics of the situation with the pandemic in Russia.

Preparations for the International School on Global Security 2020, scheduled for June 6-14, are currently continuing unchanged. Yulia and I will be in touch with our partners, donors, invited speakers, and applicants in case situations changes.

Partial remote/distance work for PIR Center has been a fairly common practice, although it has never been universal before. Therefore, we move without stress to this new, temporary, working mode.

The spread of coronavirus does not erase multiple threats of nuclear proliferation in the world. Both the former and the latter are global threats. We, employees of PIR Center, continue remaining at the forefront of this fight.


Dr. Vladimir A. Orlov

Director, PIR Center

President, Trialogue Club International