Extending remote work mode


APRIL 24, 2020 —  As a follow-up to my Memos dated March 27, 2020 and April 10, 2020, I hereby declare the extension of the remote work mode until 11.05.2020 inclusive, due to the persistence of the complex epidemiological situation in Moscow.

I remind you, that April 30 is PIR Center foundation day and a day-off for all PIR Center employees, by definition.

Preparations have been launched for it: the issues of Yadeny Kontrol and Security Index will be dated. As I already wrote in my previous memorandum, I assume that we will come to the 26th anniversary of our organization with work achievements - the implementation of all the established plans for the 1st trimester. All information and analytical products planned for the 1st trimester should be released no later than April 29. The same goes for reporting.

At the very beginning it seemed that we should first of all be sprinters. Now it turns out that we should be good styers, and most likely even marathon runners.
But May is still May even in COVID-19 times. Therefore, I wish you to work hard on the final days of April and have fun on the May holidays even in unusual formats.

Dr. Vladimir Orlov

Director, PIR Center