Extending remote work mode


MAY 12, 2020 —  As a follow-up to my Memos dated April 24, 2020, March 27, 2020 and April 10, 2020, I hereby declare the extension of the remote work mode until 29.05.2020 inclusive, due to the persistence of the complex epidemiological situation in Moscow.

On June 1 we will start returning to office mode. We will do it gradually, carefully and with respect to the health of everyone. For this purpose, we will use the experience of other organizations, including international ones, so that, in particular, the required social distance will be maintained  at the workplace, and in order to not endanger employees from the “risk groups”. An approach is possible when increasing the presence in the office will take place gradually, with the rotation of employees at workplaces and with the introduction for some employees of “office days” and “remote days. Under these conditions, the importance of introducing video conferencing technologies will not only remain, but even increase. The videoconferences will become a routine practice.

Dr. Vladimir Orlov

Director, PIR Center