I'm a groundbreaker by nature


MOSCOW. MAY 25, 2020. PIR PRESS. “I am a grounbreaker by nature. I need to create something new that will emotionally and intellectually resonates with millions of people”,  - said Lyubov Soldatkina, Head of the Department of expert analysis and control of the implementation of priorities and national projects of the All-Russia People's Front.

EDITORIAL: PIR Center brings together people of various professions and from different parts of the world. Today, our guest is Lyubov Soldatkina, head of the expert department of the Executive Committee of the All-Russia People's Front. It is interesting that Lyubov is a civil engineer, she graduated with distinction from the Institute of Architecture and Construction of Togliatti State University. Lyubov came to the PIR Center in 2009. She worked as an assistant to the president of the PIR Center, stood at the origins of the “Open collar” project  and was its coordinator. In addition, Lyubov is the author of the PIR Center anthem. As they say, a talented person is talented in everything.

Now a word from Lyubov Soldatkina.

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