Dear PIR Center alumni! Dear friends! We invite you to the open day of the Anniversary International School on Global Security 2020 and the alumni meeting in Zvenigorod!

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  • Position : Founder & Director
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
  • Position : Coordinator, Nonproliferation & Russia Program – Junior Research Fellow, Yaderny Kontrol edtor
  • Affiliation : PIR Center
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ХХ Anniversary PIR Center International School on Global Security is Open


ZVENIGOROD, OCTOBER 2, 2020. PIR PRESS. “In these interesting, unusual and difficult circumstances, we must reflect and to some extent rethink Russia's role in international relations and how the world as a whole will move forward. Thus, during this week, we will discuss and, perhaps, even solve global problems without exaggeration”, – Vladimir Orlov, Director of the PIR Center.

The XX Anniversary International School on Global Security was opened in Zvenigorod on September 26, 2020. In his welcome speech, PIR Center’s founder and director Vladimir Orlov pointed out that there were twenty-five attendees from five different countries participating in the School, and that in general, the PIR Center educational programs have united people from 58 states. “This allows me to say without exaggeration about the global scale of the tasks that our non-governmental organization solves today in order to create a platform for dialogue and critical reflection of international security issues, as seen from Russia,” Vladimir Orlov said.

There are 25 young professionals from Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia and, Montenegro. The School’s format unites remote participants and people who came to Zvenigorod. They represent diplomatic and military departments, research centers and universities. The participants have already plunged into intense but exciting work with leading Russian experts in the field of international security.

Before arriving in Zvenigorod, Dmitry Nilov, head of the MGIMO Debate Club, held a master class on the art of dispute resolution, and then, in the evening, there was a reception on the occasion of the opening of the XX anniversary PIR Center International School on Global Security. On September 27, the School was opened with a discussion on Russia's foreign policy in the era of strategic instability, which was conducted by Dmitry Evstafyev, Professor at the School of Integrated Communications at the Higher School of Economics, together with Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council.

School participants presented their reports and shared their vision of the role of BRICS, SCO, CSTO in the international arena at the seminar of Sergey Semenov, PIR Center’s Nonproliferation & Russia Program Coordinator. The Timerbaev debates were held for the first time within the framework of the School and were dedicated to the Birthday of Roland Timerbayev (September 27, 1927 - August 21, 2019), an outstanding Russian diplomat and one of the authors of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The school is organized with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, and the Russky Mir Foundation, and in partnership with the TrialogueСlub International, the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection, and Sport. The information about the School, participants and lecturers, the program and partners is available on the program's website 

For inquiries regarding to the School, please, contact Yulia Sych, Educational Program Director, via e-mail: [email protected], telephone: +7 (499) 940 09 83.