• Position : Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Affiliation : Russian Foreign Ministry
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The Security Index Occasional Paper Series came out with the report "Through Equality and Consensus to Lasting Global Security" by Sergey Ryabkov


MOSCOW. OCTOBER 13, 2020. PIR PRESS. The Security Index Occasional Paper Series came out with the report "Through Equality and Consensus to Lasting Global Security" by Sergey Ryabkov.

This article examines the new trends emerging in the Russian Federation’s foreign policy under the conditions of extreme ideologization, militarization of international relations and consistent destruction of the arms control system. The author analyzes the main directions of Russian-American relations at the present stage and elaborates a roadmap which, when implemented in practice, should result in an effective transformation of the concept of deterrence and restore strategic stability.

Key findings:

  • On the part of the United States, there is a deliberate destruction of the legal basis of the arms control system,which in fact means a rejection of agreed rules in international cooperation and the fundamental principles of mutual respect of interests and their balance. This enhances the atmosphere of mistrust and reduces predictability in the nuclear sphere.
  • Development of the latest systems of Russian weapons was a forced, but still logical response to the actions taken by the United States and its allies. Russia’s measures in the military sphere are aimed at deterring and restoring the strategic balance, not achieving the military advantage.
  • Almost immediately after the denunciation of the INF Treaty, the United States intensified the tests of the previously prohibited weapons. Itindicatesthe extremelyhighdegreeofits readiness.
  • Extending the New START Treaty without any additional conditions would prevent a complete collapse of the monitoring mechanisms in the nuclear sphere, preserve predictability in strategic relations between Russia and the USA and gain time for discussions on how to build arms control under the new conditions.
  • It is necessary to conclude legally binding agreement with the participation of all the leading space-faring nations with reliable guarantees of the non-deployment of weapons in outer space based on the Russian-Chinese PPWT.
  • Russia is taking steps to reduce and limit nuclear weapons, diminishes the role of nuclear weapons in its doctrinal principles in contrast to the other countries.
  • Any attempts to divide arms control into “good” and “bad”, “future-oriented” and “outdated” is intended to camouflage the weakness of positions and undertake destabilizing actions under the propaganda cover.
  • Interaction in the field of strategic stability and arms control is not an end in itself, but one of the methods of ensuring national security.

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