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“The start of any negotiations on further reductions in Russian and American non-strategic nuclear weapons (NSNW) is unlikely until before 2018, when the New START treaty will be fully implemented. It is also hard to believe that within the next decade the U.S. will completely withdraw its NSNW from Europe and Russia, in return, unilaterally provide its Western partners with concrete data on its NSNW arsenal,” – Alexander Kolbin, PIR Center Program Coordinator for “Russia and Nuclear Nonproliferation.”


I suppose that the time for a serious discussion on the issue of European security has come. That is way we are going to hold an international conference in Moscow, in May, where the ministers of defense of the European states, the United States, Canada and other countries are invited together with the heads of  international organizations: NATO, EU, OSCE, CSTO» - Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation


 “According to what NATO representatives say, Organization’s position on ballistic missile defense is as follows: if this issue is resolved in a constructive way it will be a potential game changer for Russia-NATO relations. At the same time, Russia should not expect the Alliance to wait until Moscow decides upon its approach. If Russia regards BMD as a critical problem, then that’s a critical problem only for Russia.” – Oleg Demidov, Coordinator of PIR Center International Information Security and Global Internet Governance Project.


New issue of PIR Center Study Papers “Conventional Arms Control in Europe – End of Regime or to be Continued?” is out in print. The authors are Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, member of PIR Center Advisory Board Anatoly Antonov and independent expert Rodion Ayumov.


“The Russian language should be a language of the UN, to discuss key international issues, not only de jure, but also de facto. Young scholars, diplomats, military personnel, and journalists of the CIS countries raise their qualifications in leading universities and think-tanks. It is correct, that we are open to talking with everyone. At the same time, we agree that it is important for us to have our own platform, where we can learn something new, exchange opinions, and compare notes on the issues, which we are all concerned about. This platform has become the PIR Center Summer School. Modernization and science, nonproliferation and disarmament, information security and internet governance, the development of outer space and international law - the global agenda in the Russian language, participants from ten countries, leading Russian and foreign experts - welcome to the twelfth PIR Summer School in Abramtsevo!” - Vladimir Orlov, President of PIR Center.