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“Should European countries decide to supply arms to Ukraine, it would become a serious challenge for the EU export control system and European civil society, which made a lot of efforts to establish the European Union common rules for the arms sale.  Today this truly effective tool, provided by both state and public control mechanisms, is questioned.  Temptations to make exceptions to the rules are great, but these exceptions may very well become the rule”, – Vadim Kozyulin, PIR Center Senior Research Fellow.


“There is nothing in the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that could shake the basis of the Russian military export. On the contrary, it allows Moscow to go on carrying out its offers. Moreover, Russia could have turned out to be a leader of the movement for the changes in the arms market, as it is obvious that re-export and arms dealers are the two key components in the illegal arms market. Furthermore Russia has already got methods for conventional weapons control, in the case ATT once really becomes a tool for combating illegal trade” - PIR Center Senior Research Fellow Vadim Kozyulin.


“Certainly, the theme of Syria will be repeated in different languages at the conference on the adoption of the International Arms Trade Treaty. Russian export of weapons to this country has for many become an example of irresponsible arms trade with the state where clashes have killed, according to different estimates, up to ten thousand citizens. On the Russian side there can be counter-claims, because certain forces are also supplying weapons - and not defensive ones - to insurgents who organize terrorist acts and are apparently trying to destabilize the situation in the country.” – PIR Center Senior Research Fellow Vadim Kozyulin.


“A series of theme activities on the Arms Trade Treaty have helped participants of the International Summer School to study international arms transfer laws in an informal and interactive way”, – PIR Center's Director of Program for Conventional Arms and ATT Vadim Kozyulin.


“The International Arms Trade Treaty is a bold and progressive initiative. A lot of complex issues will have to be agreed over the next 18 months. Meanwhile, Russia's position on this matter is clearly evolving. Russian experts have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the proposed treaty” – Director of the PIR Center Conventional Arms and ATT Project Vadim Kozyulin.


“Arms Trade Treaty is not a set of prohibitions and not a mechanism for arms embargo. It is rather a tool for division of responsibility for the use of supplied weapons between importer and exporter,” - Vadim Kozyulin, Director of PIR Center's Conventional Arms Project.