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The article analyzes NATO nuclear sharing arrangements and examines the history of the concept of nuclear sharing, based on archival documents, and its practical implementation at the present stage. The authors pay special attention to the positions of the countries in whose territory American tactical nuclear weapons are stored, as well as to the speeches of countries against nuclear sharing at the PrepComs of the Review Conference. In conclusion, recommendations for Russia in working on this issue are voiced.


“Training in the morning frees rest of the day - this is our general rule,” – Irina Mironova, senior specialist at Gazprom, senior lecturer of international programs at European University at St. Petersburg, and Dmitry Kovchegin, independent consultant.


“When students, aspiring to become diplomats, ask me whom they should regard as a role model, I say “Sergei Ryabkov”. You demonstrate such a unique combination of perseverance when it comes to defending national interests, openness to a dialogue, gentleness, intelligence, flair erudition, considerable professional expertise and an innate curiosity, inherent in young spirits, coupled with an endearing charm. Happy anniversary!” – Vladimir Orlov, PIR Center Director and MGIMO Professor.

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